Mental Health Problems



Mental Health Problems in Children

Recognizing mental health problems in children can save a lot of heartaches later on. The first thing to do would be to identify if a negative Mars Neptune aspect is involved. You can easily sublimate their addictive tendencies into healthy obsessive instead of drugs and alcohol etc.

It is a known fact that some people are born with opiate receptors that are more pronounced than others, which can easily lead to misuse of drugs etc.

However, our premise is that almost every successful individual in any profession, i.e., musician, athlete, a scientist, etc., who is obsessed with his-her work and loves it with a passion, is born with an Obsessive Gene.

It is precisely the same gene that can lead to drug and alcohol problems, but instead of calling it an opioid gene; I am calling it an Obsession Gene.

It is important to understand how we can sublimate this important gene that can make one person Beethoven and another a drug addict!


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A Mars-Neptune Connection


There is a definite correlation between mental health problems and Mars-Neptune aspects by birth or natal Neptune being touched off by transiting Mars. 

Those born with a Mars Neptune aspect are always very obsessive, but you can also go through it by transit every few months.

The stressful period can last from a few days to weeks, which applies to everyone!

Almost every school shooting incident in the USA had the Mars-Neptune aspect, the hallmark of such tragic nightmares.

The most important thing is that both the timing and the duration are predictable with a high degree of accuracy!

Mental Stress Based on Age Groups is very important as everyone goes through a Mars-Neptune transit while not everyone is born with it. 

It is a habit-forming transit and a time when people act upon wrong hunches.

If it is because of transit, then whatever you do during this period will become a long-term habit, so consciously cultivate good habits.

Addictions, obsessions, and scandals are all common during this transit, and there are ways to offset this theme. 


Mental Health Problems In Children

Advice for Parents


Mental health problems In children and youth often show either a Mars-Neptune in the birth chart or if they were going through it by transit. The nightmare aspect also shows in the charts of the victims who were going through it by transit.

Sleep is essential to prevent mental health as it affects cognitive health, emotional health, and overall health.

We have given the dates for each age group when they are susceptible to mental stress, and their immune system is down. Please check it regularly and mark it in your calendar so you can remind your children or keep track of the timing.

Here is the full article about the points mentioned below about mental health and the immune system.  In the article, we have also given ways to offset this negative and obsessive theme as you can still control the form of obsession.


Our Projects to Sublimate Mental Stress


 Here are some of the projects we are making to help youth when they are going through this mentally stressful aspect:

1- Program to calculate when you are going through a mentally stressful transit

2- A Facebook app to identify who is going through mental Stress and let that age group send virtual hugs to their friends in Stress!

3- Research page showing all the artists, musicians, and other talented people who were born with a Mars-Neptune aspect

3- Research page with names of all the famous people who went through the Mars-Neptune mentally stressful period and how they offset it.


Famous People With Adverse Mars-Neptune Aspect

The following Public Figures are born with a negative Mars/Neptune aspect and need to control their obsessions and habits before they lose their free choice:

Some Examples of People with Adverse Mars/Neptune Aspects: Here are some examples of people born with adverse Mars/Neptune aspects. Although they were able to sublimate their obsessive nature through work, they often miscalculated or acted on wrong hunches and went through many of the themes listed above:

 •    Benjamin Keough Presley was the son of Lisa Marie Presley and the grandson of Elvis Presley who shot himself in 2020. Benjamin Keough was also born with Mars-Neptune opposition which is a sure sign of obsessions and addictions which can also lead to mental stress. Mars Neptune is a nightmare theme that also reduces the immune system of the body.

•    Whoopi Goldberg, who was a heroin addict before completely turning her life around

•    Beethoven (hearing loss became a nightmare for him in conducting)

•    Copernicus (proving that the Earth revolved around the Sun became a nightmare because of the church)

•    Sammy Davis Jr.

•    Alfred Hitchcock (shared his nightmares with others)

•    Randolph Hearst (daughter Patty was kidnapped)

•    George Patton (witnessed destruction in WWII)

•    Oscar Wilde (scandals)

•    Infamous Hollywood gossip columnist Hedda Hopper.

•    James Hoffa

•    Jean Harlow (Mars-Neptune aspect when the plane crashed)

•    England’s Queen Elizabeth II (who had her share of nightmares, mental Stress and
scandals due to her children)

•    Walt Disney (built fantasy for children)

•    Ted Kennedy (drowning of secretary)

•    Liz Taylor (addictions), John Lennon (feelings of betrayal and walking into a trap)

•     Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger (music but also drugs)

•    Arthur Miller (who sublimated his obsessive tendencies into ballroom dancing)

•     Joseph Stalin, Edgar Hoover of CIA, and George Bush (covert activities and both
responsible for countless deaths)

•    Leonardo da Vinci (workaholic artist)

•    Nostradamus ( the doomsday prophet who mostly saw disasters, but they still believe even his wrong prophecies!).




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