Your Birth Chart shows all your inborn talents and limitations. This never changes in life and there is nothing in any sciences or psychology that even comes close to understand your true potential. Birth Charts of the greatest artists, athletes, composers, scientists, etc confirms the validity of planetary aspects.
Sports¬†Talent ¬† Sports talent is something to look for when you find a child breaking rules and feeling…
Palmistry and ADD-ADHD: There is a definite correlation between children with ADD or ADHD and Palmistry! This especially applies to children who are also exceptionally bright and action-oriented. Their talents are often in sports where action is required and you see results right away.
Geniuses are born not made!! There is a correlation between geniuses and the Mercury aspects in a chart. Our research project involves collection of data on geniuses and aspects between Mercury and Uranus etc. Your Birth Chart Report is designed to give you a very good idea of every aspect you were born with.
Artistic talent is easy to detect using our programs. Art is an excellent outlet that stimulates creativity and also provides a therapeutic outlet. Ast is one of the best ways to offset negative themes as well. Every great artist is born with a strong connection between the Moon and Mercury or Venus etc.