There seems to be a definite correlation between Autism and some known emotionally inhibiting aspects e.g Moon-Saturn aspects. 
This would make them somewhat introverted and not showing any emotions on the face (poker face).
Although this can point to a lack of iron, there needs to be more research on this. 
If for example, Moon-Saturn or Moon in Capricorn or whatever variation of this seems to be one of the markers, then we already know the best way to offset these themes. 
Healthwise, it can lead to depressions, weak eyesight but also emotional toughness, and some top athletes are also born with it. It makes them single-minded and to ignore the needs of the body at a subconscious level. Working with Earth etc can also offset the theme.


Actors and Autism

There are many famous actors who are also born with a Moon Saturn aspect and they often had depression but were not Autistic.
I saw the chart of the talented musician Glen Gould of Canada and he didn't like being photographed.

I wondered if he had a Moon-Saturn aspect and sure enough he did.

Then I suspected if he had Autism and it seems some medical experts felt he did have Autistic tendencies.

However, unlike what scientists believe to be a sign of genius in some autistic people, I feel it is the social isolation that gives them a chance to practice more.
A lot of research has to be done in this area but the fact remains that we have found some very significant common elements and aspects in Autistic individuals and also how to offset the theme.

Autism and Other Talents

Another area we want to focus on is where the Autistic aspect can be sublimated e.g. some excellent coders seem to be autistic. 
This British young Autistic person was able to hack into the Pentagon and the accounts of CIA top chiefs and leave messages for them!
This is not an easy feat and shows a remarkable capacity for coding. 
The legal ramifications etc are not important to Autistic individuals it seems as the Moon Saturn blocks access to the subconscious (stimulating the visual cortex may help in this respect).


Jake: Math prodigy proud of his autism



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