Asperger's Syndrome

Asperger's Syndrome


We found some correlation between Asperger's Syndrome and planetary aspects.

The most famous person with Asperger's syndrome is Elon Musk! When he disclosed that he had Asperger's, I immediately wondered if he had a negative Moon-Saturn aspect. Sure enough, Elon Musk has a Moon sq Saturn, which confirms my initial analysis of Asperger's and autism aspects.

The Moon-Saturn aspect makes one single-minded and emotionally tough. It also indicates that anyone with a Moon-Saturn adverse aspect doesn't have access to their subconscious, so they probably don't remember their dreams. It also shows that they need more sleep. It can lead to depression in women, and both genders need iron. It can also lead to weakness of the eyes because they are oblivious to their body's needs and run themselves down. They can also be cruel without realizing it, although this is great for physical coaches who push the top athletes to achieve their best. It also gives them a poker face, and Elon Musk certainly has both the sarcastic wit and the deadpan sense of humor.


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