Your Mission

Your Mission in Life

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Have You Ever Wondered What Makes you So Special?


Every one of you represents a time in history when Nature expresses itself and its different sides.  Some of you may distinguish yourself through the arts, others may provide the inspiration to the artist by their beauty, still others may represent the musical side of nature. Some of you write poetry when nature denies you something precious and then nurtures your sadness by giving you a healing voice or stimulating the poetic side of your nature.

Some of you may fall in love and idealize someone who is very beautiful, while some of you may be born to be loved. This aspect of nature is the most complex and least understood by the society which craves happiness and yet tries to put every barrier in the path of those who seek to find it through romance which often seems to have Divine inspiration.

Luckily, nature also provides some of you with philosophical insights through whom it shares its secrets, and to immortalize those moments when it produces a masterpiece. Any rare talent, whether expressed through art, music, beauty or words, is a reflection of the planets in perfect harmony with each other. You are also special because nature needs people with feelings to appreciate its true beauty. Without people, (especially those in love!), the sunsets would not be so beautiful, the moonlight not so enchanting, and the stars not as bright.

Not only do you interact directly with the environment when you were born, you represent that moment in history when every planet, every Sun, star and galaxy in the universe was in a position that will never repeat itself at any time again! And all this macrocosm is a reflection of your inner state.

The reason for writing this is not just to make you aware of your uniqueness, but to stimulate your mind to ask just one question: what aspect of nature's miracles were you made to express best? ...because in essence ... this is your mission in life!


Syed Hassan Jaffer

Your Mission