Parent and Child Compatibility

Parent and Child Compatibility

There are basically two types of approaches in life that extend to every sphere of life.

We have talked about it in our book Leaders and Followers (Are You a Rule Make or A Rule Breaker).

Two Types of Parents 

1- Who reads the stories and does the homework with the child

2- One who engages the child in all sorts of physical activities and sports


Two Types of Children

Your child also has one of the two natural approaches in life and this is determined even before they were born!

1- Listens to everything you say and does exactly what you want. Finishes the homework on time and is very neat and tidy.

2- Wants action all the time and gets bored fast

You can why Child #2 will get bored fast and will be drawn to the parent who is like #2 style.



The fastest way to find out which type you and your children are is just to get our book Leaders and Followers and find out.

You will become an expert in one or two days and you can use this knowledge to test it on others and help them as well.

It is a great present to give to any parent or just for anyone who wants to understand themselves better.

The proceeds from the book go towards programming for children and youth.


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