Misadventures of Ori-Tang

Misadventures of Ori-Tang
By Sandita Stern
Ori Tang is a young, mischievous orangutan who wants to explore every inch of his rainforest home. There are many hidden
dangers in the jungle and Ori’s misadventures cause endless worry for his parents. One day Ori disappears. Did he fall from a tree? How are the Tangs ever going to find and rescue their child?



 Sandita's book The Misadventures of Ori Tang is a wonderful children's story that has wonderful characters who will delight all children and let their imagination soar.

You will meet Ori Tang the baby Orangutan, his mother Teena, and Father King Tang-Uncle Cinnamon, One Fang Flossie, and other characters!! - and who kidnaps him??



About the Author

Sandy Stern (Sandita) is a gifted children’s entertainer, having had a career on the stage and on television.

She was born in England and grew up in New York.

Her graduation speech included a passage on loving and caring for animals.

At Vassar College, she co-produced and re-wrote the play “Babar the Elephant” for her senior thesis.

After graduation, she married and worked at Ziff-Davis Publishing Company in Manhattan. She later moved to Calgary to become Canada’s first Romper Room hostess.

She has created, produced, and starred in several children’s TV programs and enjoyed playing the purple witch in Sleeping Beauty for several years.

Her love of animals and horror at the way they are abused prompted her to embark on the children’s project Friendimals™, featuring stories and songs about endangered animals.

Because apes are most like men, her first picture book is The Misadventures of Ori Tang.

Sandy has had five children, several dogs, birds, hamsters, and now eight grandchildren.

She is known as Grandy, Witchy Poo, Mom, Sandy, and Sandita.

She now lives in Vancouver, Canada, and enjoys spending time in Ecuador.






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