Geniuses and Prodigies

Geniuses and Prodigies

Geniuses are born, not made. The main thing about genius is that they use the visual part of the brain.

There is a definite correlation between those who are geniuses and the Mercury aspects in a chart.

One of our research projects involves collecting data on geniuses and finding the aspects between Mercury and Uranus etc.

You can use the In-depth Personal Analysis report to find out if you or your child is born with such a predisposition.

However, it is important to note that Mercury Uranus’s positive aspects make you think outside the box, but adverse aspects make one erratic and even eccentric. 

When a baby is born, their Birth chart never changes, and it is up to us to nurture their highest potential and sublimate any negative traits. 

Aggressive behavior in sports, obsessions with music as long as the talent is there.



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They also often indicate a tendency towards nervous breakdown if techniques for mental relaxation is not used.

We will publish a list of many geniuses and the aspects of Mercury.

Some geniuses have the inability to separate truth from fantasy, eg Tesla, who has a Mercury sq Neptune.

They are exceptionally bright but make absolutely stupid mistakes when it comes to common sense.

They often trust the wrong people and justify others when they are taken advantage of.

Tesla gave his entire set of inventive ideas to the US military when he passed away.

We will discuss many types of geniuses as we continue our research.

There are so many complex patterns but the divine logic behind them is very real.


Each Genius is Unique

Some geniuses are more philosophical than others and each one is quite unique in the way they use their natural gifts to help humanity.

Beethoven also had a Mercury sq Neptune which gave him the intuitive intelligence and a Mercury cnj to visualize the notes. Moon cnj Neptune gave him an acute sensitivity and pathos which was also complemented by Venus in Cap and aloneness he must have sublimated in his work. His new Moon in Sag is reflected in the profound contemplation in the Moonlight Sonata. Mercury opp Mars gave him the forceful mind and the manual dexterity and speed with which he performed on the piano.

We will be adding many other geniuses and the emotions behind as well as the value of the Moon which represents the visual cortex and occupies a very large portion of the brain activity.

We are excited to have fast computers nowadays instead of the years of manual handheld calculators we had before to do our analysis. Now with your help, we can quickly bring together a vast amount of knowledge to help children and youth around the world. 



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