Birth Chart Potential

Birth Chart Potential
Your Birth Chart shows all your inborn talents and limitations. This never changes in life and there is nothing in any sciences or psychology that even comes close to understand your true potential. The research we do with the Birth Charts of the greatest artists, athletes, musicians, composers, singers, mathematicians, scientists, writers, philosophers, etc confirms the validity of planetary aspects and human potential.
As soon as a baby is born, their Birth chart never changes and it is up to us to nurture their highest potential and sublimate any negative traits.  Aggressive behavior into sports, obsessions into music as long as the talent is there.

If you want to find the potential of your child, one of the best things you can do is get their Natal Report done.
This In-depth Personal Astrology Report shows the similarity of aspects between their chart and other successful people.

Your Indepth Natal Report applies to you all your life and shows all your talents and limitation.

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There are many traits that are hidden and only a Birth chart can shed light on true potential e.g. Einstein didn't speak till quite late. Einstein's Mercury was in Aries which is normally a very impatient sign but quick to grasp the meanings and gives a strong mind/  Saturn making an adverse aspect to his Mercury slowed his thinking and made him apply the knowledge and turned him into a genius. All his theories were very simple and he reduced the most complicated theories to their basic essentials. 
Mozart and Steve Jobs both had Mercury in Aquarius and always thought outside the box. Mozart improvised and was a genius when it comes to music and Steve Jobs was brilliant in his marketing. Jules Verne also had Mercury in Aquarius and wrote about Journey to the Moon way before his time. All these people would have been considered eccentric and non-conformist and they were but they were also single-minded in the pursuit of excellence in their work. 
Steve Jobs wanted to help the masses and revolutionized communication. I am sure he was also labeled an ADD child as he had no patience with mediocrity. Steve Jobs was in fact a drop out from college and followed his dreams and ultimately changed the whole world and the way they communicate. Jobs also got an honorary doctorate!
Everybody has some talents and it is much easier to discover and encourage their talents from a young age.  
Some children always do their homework and are very cautious while others need to see results right away at every step otherwise they get bored very easily.
All this can be easily determined by getting their Birth Chart.




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