Artistic Talent

Artistic Talent

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Artistic talent is easy to detect using our programs. Art is an excellent outlet that stimulates creativity and also provides a therapeutic outlet. Art is one of the best ways to offset negative themes as well. 
Our research shows that every great artist is born with a strong connection between the Moon and Mercury or Venus etc. It seems there is a strong contact between the visual cortex and the Brocas region as well as the pleasure centers of the brain.
Moon represents the Visual Cortex of the brain and in our research,  we found that geniuses seem to utilize their Visual Cortex much more than the rest of the population.
As the Visual Cortex occupies almost 50% of the brain, it is thousands of times faster than numbers or alphabets and utilizes much less energy.
It is important to stimulate the Visual cortex by activities that force the right side of the Brain for creativity.
Moon Jupiter is often noticed in the charts of the great masters of the Renaissance as they made many religious paintings.
We are designing programs to automatically find all such aspects in the charts of artistic and gifted children and youth so we can encourage them at an early age.
Birth Chart Potential
Your Birth Chart shows all your inborn talents and limitations. This never changes in life and there is nothing in any sciences or psychology that even comes close to understanding your true potential. The research we do with the Birth Charts of the greatest artists, athletes, musicians, composers, singers, mathematicians, scientists, writers, philosophers, etc confirms the validity of planetary aspects and human potential.
As soon as a baby is born, their Birth chart never changes and it is up to us to nurture their highest potential and sublimate any negative traits.  Aggressive behavior in sports, obsessions with music as long as the talent is there.

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