ADD and Champions


ADD and Champions

Show me an ADD child and I will show you a champion! It makes a lot of sense that many top athletes are more interested in Action than theory. However, this applies more to the forwards and those who play the fast and offensive game as opposed to those who play defense.  Many experts say a connection between ADHD and athletics makes sense. “Having ADD can actually be an advantage in certain sports for ADHD children.  says Mike Stabeno, author of "The ADHD Affected Athlete" While some activities require intense concentration, that’s not always the case with athletics. Everything happens instantaneously. You’re in there for 10 minutes, you’ve got five people trying to take your head off, three referees, four teammates. You need to take in everything that’s going on all at once. That’s how people with ADD go through life. So it makes sense that they thrive in this field.”

Here is a link to some excellent suggestions for sports and youth with ADHD.


Best Sports for Kids with ADHD

ADD and ADHD kids like to see thrills and everything has to be like a game for them. Here is an excellent article on the best sports for kids with ADD and ADHD.


The World becoming like An ADD Child!

YouTube, Google, instant answers, faster technology, this is exactly what those with Head Line separate thrive on. The education system is being left behind in its approach to teaching and is lagging behind the times. You never had a six-year-old child playing on the iPad or the iPhone before. More and more college textbooks are being available now on tablets instead of heavy hardcover books that you have to carry. The whole world is changing and the new generation is not going to be receptive to the old way of sequential learning.

Those with Headline joined are being left behind as the system and technology become faster and faster and the emphasis is on user-friendly and visual interphase. It is like the Mac thinking as opposed to DOS and PC thinking (even with Win 7 it still engages the brain too much).


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Palmistry: Rule Makers and Rule Breakers have Advice to Parents, Teachers, Coaches, Players, Acting, Actors, Politicians, Speakers and much more.

You need a combination of both yin and yang, one to motivate and the other to do the daily practice.

My latest eBook Leaders and Followers: Rule Makers and Rule Breakers is out and ready on Amazon. This eBook is the first in a series of self-help ones where I have only taken two points and elaborated on them with real-life experiences and pictures of celebrities who are in the news.

Based on the Origin of the Head Line with respect to the Life Line, this is a guide that will help parents understand their children better, select the right teachers, help coaches select the right players for forwards or defense, and help everyone vote for the real leader behind the hype and PR.

It will also help everyone find the right lifestyle for themselves in terms of their career as well as the choice of their life partner…all based on just one single element of palmistry… Origin of the Head Line with respect to the Life Line!



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