Palmistry ADD and ADHD

Palmistry and ADD-ADHD in Gifted Children


We found a definite correlation between children with ADD and ADHD and Palmistry!

This especially applies to children who are also exceptionally bright and action-oriented.

Their talents are often in sports where Action is required and they get to see the results right away.

Your child may be gifted and all they need is to be able to see results at every step of the way.

Gifted children may have attention problems if the teachers are boring or take too long to give the punch line!

ADD in smart kids and gifted children is probably more common amongst those who are athletic as well.

Instead of being upset at your child for not having more focus, maybe you should be asking Is my child gifted?!

Is your child the type who likes to finish the homework every day or waits till the last minute when there is enough stress and challenge?

Does your child need to have fun while learning or do they learn better in a methodical way?

Instead of teaching scales for six months on the piano at the conservatory, an ADD or ADHD child needs the Suzuki method where you learn a few chords and see the results right away and begin to compose!

Everything has to be like a game to an ADD or ADHD child and they need to see results at every step of the way.



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It is not surprising that gifted children often lead and become leaders later in life as well.

There is a very easy way to tell if your child is a rule maker or a rule breaker!

The further apart the Head line is from the Life line, the more independent and action-oriented you will be.

head line separate

Here is a very good example of the Head line widely separate from the Life line.

This is a very reliable indicator of a person who breaks all the rules and defies authority.

Many dynamic motivational speakers are born with it as well as leaders who bypass the regular rules and go to the top.

The Head line so widely separated basically shows his need for putting his ideas into Action.

It is only when he comes across obstacles that try to stop him from achieving his goals that you would see the frustration. 

Children with ADD have a tremendous focus on things they enjoy e.g. video games but it has to be entertaining for them and results at each step of the way.

President Obama's Headline

president barack obama


President Barack Obama was not even a governor and ended up being a two-time President of the United States!

As you can clearly see, his Head line is totally separate from the Life line.

This was something which he was born with and my book would have shown this right away! 


A Positive Attitude for Life

One of the most important things we discovered is that those with Head Line separate from the Life LIne have a very positive attitude which remains constant all their life! They thrive on Action and new Challenges. 

They also react to stress in a very different way. In fact, they don't even recognize stress but take it as a new challenge only.

This is a  very important aspect of stress-related illnesses. The word Stress implies that it is something to run away from. Those with the type of hand of President Obama are very different in their reactions to problems in life.

Everyone gets problems and mental stress but how you react to them is what determines your susceptibility to illnesses.

Mental Stress is a reaction rather than a constant state of mind.

You get mental stress when you don't have a solution to a problem or feel hopeless.


Benefits of Our Palmistry Book


Hassan's Palmistry book Rule Makers and Rule Breakers will benefit all Parents, Children, Youth, Teachers, Coaches, Players, film Directors, Politicians, and everyone else who wants to understand themselves better..

In any hand reading (palmistry reading or palm reading), You need a combination of both Yin (Head line joined) and Yang (Headline separate), one to motivate and the other to do the daily practice.

In his latest eBook Leaders and Followers: Rule Makers and Rule Breakers, Hassan has taken only two points and elaborated on them with real-life experiences and pictures of celebrities who are in the news.

Based on the Origin of the Head Line with respect to the Life Line, this is a guide that will help parents understand their children better, select the right teachers, help coaches select the right players for forwards or defense, help everyone vote for the real leader behind the hype and PR.

It will also help everyone find the right lifestyle for themselves in terms of their career as well as the choice of their life partner…all based on just one single element of palmistry…Origin of the Head Line with respect to the Life Line




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