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Palmistry: Are You a Rule Makers or Rule Breaker? focuses on one question: Are you a Leader or a Follower? Do you simply follow the rules or are constantly in conflict with authority figures unless you have your own way? 

We’re a Nonprofit with the Mission to Discover Children's Highest Potential and 100% of the proceeds from the book go towards research.

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Chapter 1

A look at Your Type. Instant revelation!

Chapter 2

Origin of Head Line. This is the key to how you approach everything in life.

Chapter 3

Traits of Head Line joined. Very important as this can help you understand what the person is motivated by in life and their approach..

Chapter 4

Traits of Head Line separate. Comparison Table of Head Line joined and Head Line separate. Are ADHD children gifted? Sports athletes.

Chapter 5

Example of Celebrities including President Barak Obama, Actors - Hollywood and Bollywo0d, Singers, Athletes, the Royal Family of England including Princess Diana and more.

Chapter 6

Entertainment Industry. From hands of Elvis Presley to Miley Cyrus, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Rhianna and more..

Head Line Joined and Separate

Head line joined and separated by Hassan Jaffer

Palmistry and ADD-ADHD in Gifted Children

Head line joined and separated by Hassan Jaffer

Many people think of ADHD as a disorder that only affects children who struggle in school and have behavior problems. However, ADHD can also be a diagnosis given to children who are gifted. These children often have a hard time fitting in and may be considered “out of control” by their peers.

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. People with ADHD have trouble paying attention, staying on task, and may be impulsive.

Gifted children with ADHD often have a hard time in school. They may be bored with the material and feel unchallenged. As a result, they may act out in class or have difficulty paying attention.

While it can be difficult for gifted children with ADHD to find their place in the world, there are things that can help. Parents and teachers can work to create an accommodating environment.

If you have a gifted child with ADHD, don’t despair. There are ways to help them find success. Work with their school and seek out resources that can help you better understand and manage their condition.

Most gifted children are high-achievers who juggle multiple activities and excel in academics. But what happens when a gifted child also has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?

For parents of gifted children with ADHD, it can be a struggle to find the right balance of support and challenge. These children often have high IQs and creative minds, but they may also have difficulty focusing and completing tasks.


Do You have a Gifted Child with ADHD?


You're not alone. Many gifted kids struggle with this common condition.

There are a few things you can do to help your child succeed. First, make sure your child's education is fun for them and not boring. They need action and fast results and new challenges all the time.

Next, help your child develop coping skills. This can involve teaching them how to take breaks, how to manage their time, and how to deal with frustration.

Finally, don't forget to nurture your child's gifts. Encourage their creativity, their passion for learning, and their unique talents. With your support, your child can thrive – despite having ADHD.

Palmistry and ADHD in Gifted Children

We found a definite correlation between children with ADD and ADHD and Palmistry!

In a few minutes, you will be able to see that children with the headline separate from the Life Line think fast and are Action-Oriented.

They can't stand boring teachers or even a lot of homework without seeing results every step of the way. I took only two points from 100 points of my other Palmistry books and divided the whole world into two groups only!

There is a very easy way to tell if your child has potential ADHD from the hand.

The further apart the Headline is from the Lifeline, the more independent and action-oriented your child will be.They will also be rule breakers as well.

Most forwards in sports have headline separate and prone to ADHD. In other words, ADHD is not a defect but an indication of a child who may be gifted in sports.

In one day you will become an expert and all you need to see is someone waving their hand once and you will know exactly which group they belong to.

It is not surprising that gifted children often lead and become leaders in life. Some of the top athletes have ADHD similar to type-A personalities.

If they learn piano, then instead of six months learning the scales, they need to play the actual melody the first day.


Here is an example of the Headline widely separate from the Lifeline. This is a very reliable indicator of a person who breaks all the rules and defies authority. Many dynamic motivational speakers are born with it as well as leaders who bypass the regular rules and go to the top.

The Headline so widely separated basically shows his need for putting his ideas into action. It is only when he comes across obstacles that try to stop him from achieving his goals that you would see the frustration.

Children with ADD and ADHD have a tremendous focus on things they enjoy e.g. video games but it has to be entertaining for them and results at each step of the way. This especially applies to children who are also exceptionally bright and action-oriented. Their talents are often in sports where Action is required and they get to see the results right away.

Your child may be gifted and all they need is to be able to see results at every step of the way. Gifted children may have attention problems if the teachers are boring or take too long to give the punch line! ADD adn ADHD in smart kids and gifted children are probably more common amongst those who are athletic as well. Instead of being upset at your child for not having more focus, maybe you should be asking Is my child gifted?!

Is your child the type who likes to finish the homework every day or waits till the last minute when there is enough stress and challenge? Does your child need to have fun while learning or do they learn better in a methodical way?

Instead of teaching scales for six months on the piano at the conservatory, an ADD or ADHD child needs the Suzuki method where you learn a few chords and see the results right away and begin to compose! Everything has to be like a game to an ADD or ADHD child and they need to see results at every step of the way.

President Obama's Headline


President Barack Obama was not even a governor and ended up being a two-time President of the United States! As you can clearly see, his Headline is totally separate from the Lifeline. This was something which he was born with and my book would have shown this right away! Tom Cruise who does his own stunts also has his Headline totally separate from the Lifeline.

A Positive Attitude for Life

One of the most important things we discovered is that those with Head Line separate from the Life LIne have a very positive attitude which remains constant all their life. They thrive on Action and new Challenges. They also react to stress in a very different way. In fact, they don't even recognize stress but take it as a new challenge only.

This is a very important aspect of stress-related illnesses. The word Stress implies that it is something to run away from. Those with the type of hand of President Obama are very different in their reactions to problems in life. Everyone gets problems and mental stress but how you react to them is what determines your susceptibility to illnesses.

Mental Stress is a reaction rather than a constant state of mind. You get mental stress when you don't have a solution to a problem or feel hopeless.

Benefits of Our Palmistry Book

Hassan's Palmistry book Rule Makers and Rule Breakers will benefit all Parents, Children, Youth, Teachers, Coaches, Players, film Directors, Politicians, and everyone else who wants to understand themselves better..

In any hand reading (palmistry reading or palm reading), You need a combination of both Yin (Headline joined) and Yang (Headline separate), one to motivate and the other to do the daily practice.

In his latest eBook Leaders and Followers: Rule Makers and Rule Breakers, Hassan has taken only two points and elaborated on them with real-life experiences and pictures of celebrities who are in the news. Based on the Origin of the Head Line with respect to the LifeLine, this is a guide that will help parents understand their children better, select the right teachers, help coaches select the right players for forwards or defense, and help everyone vote for the real leader behind the hype and PR.
It will also help everyone find the right lifestyle for themselves in terms of their career as well as the choice of their life partner…all based on just one single element of palmistry…Origin of the Head Line with respect to the LifeLine

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List of chapters included in the ebook

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What Our Readers Say

List of chapters included in the ebook


Digital Marketing

Don't Be Fooled By Its Flashy Cover...And Then Again By Its Simplicity.

This book, while rudimentary in its presentation and seemingly only for entertainment purposes, has astonishing insight regarding one’s temperament and provides a number of suggestions for its practical applications.
Reviewed in the United States".

Sandy Stern


Know your own hand!!

“A very clear and concise "reading' of the headlines and lifelines in our hands- and the positive and negative qualities that we can read into our own hands- He describes the archetype of people whose hands have lifelines and headlines joined and those whose lines are separate. VERY INTERESTINGt.”

Ashutosh Sharma

Digital Marketing

A great asset and a mind-opener that enables you to be...

“A great asset and a mind-opener that enables you to be able to interpret what's right here on our hands and relate it to our life, history, present and future. Based on a great collection of data from public figures; so that we can actually see the trends and connect the dots. Recommend it to anyone with a curiosity towards life!”

About The Author

List of chapters included in the ebook

Hassan Jaffer
Author Signature

A Note From the Author

This book is dedicated to everyone who has gone through hundreds of pages of Palmistry books yet didn't know how to apply its simplest rules. Thanks to the inspiration from all the ADD and ADHD children, who were fast learners and only got bored because they wanted to see the results right away but the teachers were too slow. Finally, the whole world is catching up to their way of thinking! This book is the first of a series of several which will help you understand the one of the most important rule of Palmistry in a day or two!

We're a Nonprofit with the mission to discover children's highest potential, and 100% of the proceeds from the sale of my book on Palmistry go towards our research. Together, we can make a real difference in the world of child development and well-being. Your support is the key to our success, and every contribution brings us closer to transforming the lives of children worldwide. Thank you for being a part of this important journey."

Author Biography

Hassan is an engineer, astrologer, palmist, artist, musician, author and an athlete who is multi-tasking and has a passion for anything with divine origin. Hassan Jaffer is an interpreter of the human mind and the question of predestiny and free will. He combines the logic of his engineering background with his acute sensitivity to human nature to explain the complexities of human experiences through astrology and palmistry.

Hassan has appeared in numerous radio and television shows, as well as live call-in shows in Canada and the U.S., where he got tremendous public response to his instant analysis and accurate world predictions.  Hassan has analyzed thousands of charts - from Renaissance masters to Nobel Prize winners and uses his research to help his extensive clientele, ranging from media personalities, movie stars, politicians, Royalty, actors, tycoons, businessmen to anyone interested in controlling their destiny.


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Video Transcript

Hi and welcome to my ADHA-Palmistry and head line separate from the Life line, and its connection to some very positive traits. Even though I'm going to only focus on two three main points and I'll discuss all the celebrities will show you actually hands-on experiences one of the biggest challenges of our society is that most people take up jobs and careers where their total misfits and then they try to adapt their entire lifestyle around it now once you finish this hands-on course you'll be able to understand what your approach to life is they're basically just two different approaches and everything is based on that your approach to your work your career your children your spouse and is the most important aspect of palmistry and applies to everything you do in life and highly anybody discusses it and normally every policy looks like a textbook but here I've taken just a few points which you can immediately apply and right away see the results within the first day you'll see the results and you'll realize how easy it is to spot the difference in these two approaches and that is a heart of palmistry maybe able to answer questions like do you like to take the lead or one who likes to follow the rules even if you are a leader you might still be a bit of a follow without even realizing it do you like to maintain the status quo or break every rule there's your hand show a lot of authority conflicts or not you have the ability to convince others with your enthusiasm are you a natural leader or not I action-oriented a way for others to push you in the right direction are you daring and adventurous and willing to take chances are you too cautious and miss an opportunity to cover too much hesitation she'll be doing indulging in stock market at all and what kind of it are the Dow or Nasdaq these are very important questions and once you finish it you'd be able to understand all this and much more if you're not married then what kind of partner should you have and there are certain rules which apply to men and to women it's interesting how nature's made them completely unique in this respect but there are major differences and some hands certain aspects suit men and some other things suit women and don't take my word for it I've done the charts of more than 20,000 people and I've seen the hands of thousands of people of course and you can start experimenting right away the main thing is you can see a hand right away and you can apply the knowledge right away so it's not like going to the whole textbook and pages and pages of homework nothing like that here you can see the results right away right from day one they will give you examples for parents first that children are concerned their hands what kind of teachers got two types of teachers two types of politicians what kind of leader what kind of motivational speaker she'll be going after one look at anyone's palm and you'd be able to see exactly this person without even knowing what they have done in life example let's say if you're looking at a sports athlete you will see whether they are defensive or they're best suited for forward and this is something you are born with regardless of what upbringing you have your attitude never changes you cannot learn these things you're born with it so it's best to apply your approach to different aspects of life also there's two different types what kind of activities you need to balance your life also so I hope you enjoy this course and we hope you have a great time and all the best.