What Talents has your child inherited from which parent?

Which health issues has the child inherited from which parent?

Our AstroGenetics program will accurately identify your child's inherited talents from each parent.

This is not just blue eyes but the mind itself and the hard-wired connections in the brain behind it!




Science has no answer e.g. is there a connection between the Brocas's region and the Visual cortex (artist).

One of the most important contributions of Hassan is his astrocalendar where he incorporates AstroGenetic Astrology.  This is a one of a kind program as far as we know and allow you to go in your AstroCalendar and select or input the birthdate of the Father, Mother, and the child and instantly get a report of what the child has inherited from each parent! We are talking about Neural Pathways here and the interconnection between different areas of your brain you were hard-wired for. 

There is no scientist in the world who can do this right now as we are not talking about blue or green eyes but which parts of the brain are naturally linked and which parent have you inherited it from.

An artist needs to have a Mercury Moon aspect e.g. which means a connection between the Broca's region and the Visual Cortex or something similar to be able to visualize better than others. I singer having the same configuration will be able to visualize the notes in their mind.

This is a major breakthrough an and will also help in our research for Autism and many other ailments that are part of our research on our non-profit site.