Astro-Research Topics

ADD and Type A personality
ADD and Champions
ADD in Gifted Children
Aptitudes and Talent
Art and Autism
Asperger's Syndrome
Blindness and Music
Down's Syndrome
Geniuses and Savants
Left Handed Children
Nurturing Aspects
Parent and Child Compatibility
Sports Potential
Talented Children

How You Can Help

We need parents to send us birthdates of children with autism or Asperger's Syndrome (all data will remain anonymous and no names will ever be mentioned).

We will have a login area and will keep you informed of all our research as well.

As part of our many research projects, Let Kids Dream Inc. will do research on children with autism and Aspergers whose charts are similar to celebrities and famous individuals.

How Your Support Helps

Your contribution will make a direct impact on the lives of children who traditionally go unnoticed as their talents are labeled as some form of challenge or even handicap.We are really excited to be able to change the lives of thousands of children and youth around the world by developing software programs to evaluate and discover their highest potential and talents.

All your contributions are tax deductible.