Autism Overview

We look at Autism from a very different perspective and many of its symptoms being special gifts e.g. sensitivity to sound.

We found something very interesting in most of the Autism cases we researched.

It seems they often have a Moon-Saturn aspect which makes them introverted and not showing any emotions on the face (poker face).

This can also lead to depression because of a lack of Iron.

I saw the chart of the talented musician Glen Gould of Canada and he didn't like being photographed.

I wondered if he had a Moon-Saturn aspect and sure enough he did.

Then I suspected if he had Autism and it seems some medical experts felt he did have Autistic tendencies.

However, unlike what scientists believe to be a sign of genius in some autistic people, I feel it is the social isolation that gives them a chance to practice more.

We need parents to send us birthdates of children with Autism or Asperger's Syndrome (all data will remain anonymous and no names will ever be mentioned).

We will have a login area and will keep you informed of all our research as well.

As part of our many research projects, Let Kids Dream Inc. will do research on children with autism and Asperger's whose charts are similar to celebrities and famous individuals.

How Your Support Helps

Your contribution will make a direct impact on the lives of children who traditionally go unnoticed as their talents are lableled as some form of challenge or even handicap.We are really excited to be able to change the lives of thousands of children and youth around the world by developing software programs to evaluate and discover their highest potential and talents.

All your contributions are tax-deductible in the USA